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*We are a verified USARK member, and permitted to ship Retics according to the injunction guidelines.


*We will be vending at the Daytona NRBC Aug 21-23.


2015 babies now available:

-Purples, Purple Goldenchild Retics

-Ghost and Ghost Tiger Retics

-Normal, Tiger, Supertiger poss het Ghost


Available 2014 Retics:

-Genetic Stripes, Het GS's,

-Purple Supertigers, Purple Tigers,

-Lavender Supertigers, Lav Tigers,

-White Supertigers, White Tigers,

-Goldenchild/GC Tigers/GC Sunfires/GC Suntigers poss het Amel,


Available 2014 Carpets:

-Irian Jayas

-IJ Jag morphs

Lots more....







Welcome to the internet home of Mystic Reptiles, LLC!


We are a private breeder specializing in the captive propagation of Reticulated pythons and other python species. With that concept in mind, our vision is:

to be large enough to provide a variety of morphs/animals available, yet small enough to maintain high quality control and personalized customer service.


Mystic Reptiles will represent all snakes in our collection honestly. We strive to create a positive experience with every customer... one which leaves a lasting impression. Be assured that customer service and satisfaction is our priority.


We love keeping and breeding snakes! It’s really that simple. Our commitment is to maintain these reptiles in the cleanest, healthiest environment possible. "The animal comes first" is our mentality.


I've always found it gratifying to meet or talk with people in this hobby/business. So please don't hesitate to call or write. Look for future updates, news, and expo information to be posted on this home page, or our Facebook page.

Thanks for visiting and happy herping!




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