Our animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding, and correctly sexed, unless otherwise noted. We want you to be happy with your new snake. If for some reason you are not, let us know so we can explore a remedy. This guarantee is contingent on Mystic Reptiles, LLC being notified within 24 hours by you, the customer, taking possession of said animal. After 24 hours we cannot assume liability.


*Reticulated python buyers - Due to the recent FWC ban in our state of operation (Florida), returns/exchanges are not possible, as importation into the State is currently prohibited. Therefore all out of state sales will be considered final and Retics are sold "as is".

This is not the way we choose to do business, but unfortunately Florida FWC has taken that option out of our hands.



We will email you a Square invoice, where you can pay with debit/credit card through Square or the Google Pay option. We have found this to be the quickest, most secure and efficient method of payment for our customers. For purchases in excess of $3000 we prefer bank transfer of funds. Square provides an easy option to facilitate this payment method. Funds must be received prior to shipment. Customer assumes shipping costs, unless group discount pertains.


Payment Plans/Deposits

If you do not have funds readily available to make your purchase, a payment plan may be an option. Generally, we approve a payment plan of 30 days for babies-yearlings However, this option will be limited due to time restraints to come into FWC compliance. Older/larger animals are not eligible for payment plans. A 25% NON-refundable deposit is required. The due date will be 30 days from receipt of deposit. We ask that the remaining balance be paid in full at that time. Interest will not be charged during that period- unless the buyer requests a time extension- at which point a $20/week maintenance fee will be assessed until balance is paid. We will feed and maintain the animal in good health during the reservation time period. Should buyer not fulfill his/her obligation, the animal will be re-advertised for sale. Deposit funds will not be returned.


We do NOT accept deposits to reserve an expected (unborn) snake. Instead, we keep a list based on "first come-first serve" priority.



Mystic Reptiles, LLC is a verified FedEx shipper throughout the continental United States. We utilize "Ship Your Reptiles" as our trusted agent, providing a 40% discount to our customers. Shipments are sent out "Priority overnight" Monday - Wednesday only. We drop off at the end of the day to help reduce transit time and stress for your animal.


Prior to shipping, you will receive notification via email of all pertinent cargo information including the tracking number. We prefer to ship to your nearest FedEx distribution center for pick up. It's the safest option, as you don't have to worry about potential delivery mishaps or delays.  Most importantly, your animal will be maintained in a climate controlled environment, and you can pick up at your convenience. We have used this method for many years with success. It all adds up to less stress for the animal, and hopefully better acclimation to their new home. If weather is not a factor, a commercial business location or residential location is also acceptable for delivery at an additional fee. Buyer must be available to take possession of delivery. If not, live arrival guarantee is void.


The animal’s health and well being is our priority. Therefore, Mystic Reptiles, LLC will not ship if conditions are deemed unsafe. These temperatures range from lows of <40 F to highs of >90 F at destination locations. Boxes will be labeled according to Federal guidelines. We insulate our boxes with 1/2" styroboard, and fit with heating/cooling packs as necessary.


One of the unique features of purchasing from Mystic Reptiles, LLC is that we do not use the typical live shipping boxes. Your box will be personally constructed and fitted by us. You are acquiring a unique animal, and we like for you to have a unique unboxing experience! It does take considerably more prep time on our part, but we believe the peace of mind that comes with higher quality tranport is very much worth it.


For larger animal shipments, Delta Cargo Live Animal same-day shipping will be the most economical option. Using this method, the customer needs to be available to pick up when shipment arrives at their designated airport location. Shipping cost for standard large tote shipments is $90. If a shipping crate is necessary for transport, buyer will be responsible for additional material cost.


Please be sure to examine your animal upon delivery and ensure that everything is in order. We also appreciate you letting us know that it arrived safely. Remember you have 24 hrs to notify us if there is a discrepancy in any way. After 24 hours, we cannot assume responsibility.


Reticulated pythons

Requirements: No sales to minors. Know your local exotic animal ownership laws. Buyer understands this is a large, potentially dangerous species, and possesses knowledge of large constrictor care and husbandry requirements. If any of these conditions are not met to our satisfaction, we can and will refuse sale.


In accordance with FL FWC regulations, Mystic Reptiles, LLC is a current CSP holder and permitted to export Reticulated pythons out of the state of Florida.


With purchase, buyer is agreeing to these terms.